The Dragon of Distraction

The excitement of a new school season punctuates the air.

The urgency to finish outdoor projects presses in as the weather shifts towards Fall. Meetings, calendar events, unannounced visits–there is always something to distract and divert our attentions off course. Pulling the scattered directions of four individuals together even for a brief time of family study can easily frustrate good intentions.

So is my lament for this post. Over the past week, we have barely advanced by two paragraphs in Wineskins from our last encounter. It is not all bad, however. Last night my daughter and I enjoyed a “date” together at our first encounter with a large Christian Writers club. I found encouragement from several speakers, my daughter delighted in the snacks. In review, I took note that my little girl exceeds me in talent at writing impromptu dialogue. Perhaps one day I will enjoy a latte with my feet up on a cushion, reading her latest novel along with others who prefer to read books off the New York Times Best Sellers list.

I’m sure this challenge isn’t unique. In what ways have you attempted to slay the dragon of distraction?


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2 Responses to The Dragon of Distraction

  1. taureanw says:

    Brought a smile to my face, thanks!

  2. grahamAlive says:

    Sure thing. It is a grace to find reasons to smile in the midst of disappointment at having succumbed to distractions.

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