Revelation on the Menu

It was a busy day and so dinner consisted of dip-able Mexican appetizers. It may not rank as a meal of champions, but when one is set on carving time out of an impossible schedule, the tongue out-voted the colon.

A quick wash of greasy fingers and we once again opened up copies of Wineskins and our Bibles. Tonight we finished the third chapter with several paragraphs under review.

We were reminded that God is a revelator! He not only creates; he reveals. The Master of the universe began disclosing himself to the first man Adam and he continues even to this day to show his divine will. That is a principle part of what the covenants in Scripture are all about.

Around the table we noted that God continues to prove this to us in personal ways. Over a recent dinner meal, my son included in his prayer that God would help mom remember to pick up a special movie at the library. My wife confessed today that she had failed to write the “reminder” down, but acknowledged that for the past three days she has repeatedly recalled the prayer request such that this mornings library run was a guaranteed success.

Yesterday, my daughter competed at the State Fair 4H finals in several categories with our dog. At one point, our little Jack Russell Terrier was proving himself to be excessively distracted and clearly frustrating everyone. At a critical point in the emotional roller-coaster, several people uplifted their requests to the Creator, including my daughter. Would you believe that not only did the dog compete in show form, but they both were awarded Reserve Champion?

Prayer is a covenant practice through which God reveals himself in our time and space. We delight in his interventions, but we are also reminded that our understandings of his revelations are dependent upon the supreme authority of Scripture. Lots of people seem to ignore this truth and instead embrace teachings that persistently make them feel comfortable but don’t have full scriptural support. To help reinforce this point, we are choosing to turn to every scriptural passage noted in the Wineskins book. We want to verify that our beliefs and conclusions harmonize with the Bible.

Natural revelation is also at work. I am beginning to recognize that what I ate for dinner comes at a price. My wife said extra vitamin C might be worth considering.

That may be more revealing than you wanted.

How about you? In what ways has Christ shown himself to be a God of revelation in your experience?


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