Beyond Wealthy – Hitting the Jackpot

Setting the stage for a compare-and-contrast of biblical covenants is not likely to inspire the younger generations to jump for joy. I suppose most people would not consider such a topic to rank near the top of their late night reading list. Nevertheless, our family launched into the Wineskins chapter on Historic Covenants.

Sifting through the theology, we hit upon a detail that lit everyone’s faces. With an initial view towards Adam, we began discussing the related concepts of Representation and Inheritance: simply put, Adam represents humanity, and humanity inherits from Adam. In the book, Wineskins, I make the case that all human governments, including hierarchical relationships like extended families, employ aspects of this dual-directional impact.

As I tried to put it in terms relative to my kids, I furrowed their brows by describing what could happen if I died–namely inheriting from a representative. It helped clarify the concept, but the whole idea was not enthusiastically embraced because it necessitated death of a loved one in the process. It was not until I made the connection regarding how we as Christians will inherit from our Representative, Jesus, that the lights began to flicker.

At one point, I informed my son that Jesus owns all the Zebras on a thousand hills (a loose paraphrase from Scripture) and that as a result of his faith in God he could end up inheriting Zebras–a current, significant interest in his life. He then turned to his sister with a gleam in his eye, and for her benefit announced with complete conviction and enthusiasm, “and Jesus owns all the puppies in the world!”

Simplicity in truth is a beautiful thing. Oh that we all could revel in the same joyful expectations, for what we have to look forward to is beyond our wildest dreams. Come Lord Jesus my Representative for I long to inherit the gift of eternity at your side!

How about you? What sets your eyes agleam?

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