Jockeying for First Place

Human desires are beauty in motion; an explosive and passionate display of thoroughbred energy. When unleashed from their gates, they produce a rush of adrenaline and excitement that will marvel even the most distant spectator.

But, when undirected, they reek havok on and off the track. So it is that every race horse needs a skilled jockey.

The Adamic Covenant, in chapter 4 of our family study of Wineskins, set the stage for observing this contest. When it comes to explaining the intersection between desire and will, the race-track analogy clicked. In order to rightly express our desires along the tracks of life, they need to be trained and guided by our short, stout, fearless will.

What Adam appears to have missed is that even the jockey of human will needs a Trainer. As attractive as a simple apple is to the horse, the fruit-laden wreath of the Tree of Life is a far sweeter reward for those willing to restrain themselves who make it into the winners circle. The Word of God, trained into the jockey by the Spirit of holiness, and diligently applied during the off-season through repeated practice runs, assures that our deepest desires will cross the finish line in complete joy and to the rapturous cheers of the stadium of witnesses.

Ride the race so as to win!

How have your training sessions been going? Have your desires been trained by your will to unleash their energy at just the right times?

If your latest runs have ended in frustration, might I suggest that you spend more time with the Trainer with the highest winning percentage: Jesus. He can be a bit unconventional at times, but no one else understands as well as he does how to get the most out of horse and jockey, let alone how to win when it really counts.


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