Desperate Times call for Desperate People

Times had become desperate and intervention was imminent. Few were going to make it out alive. Not even the animals could escape this one. The events set in motion would forever change the face of the earth.

Such were the conditions present just prior to the greatest catastrophe humans have ever seen. From the outset, one man was chosen–a quiet hero. Not the obvious choice to pull off the impossible, but one with an indomitable spirit. There would be no consulting on this. As agreements go, this one was clearly imposed.

However, failure and ineptitude were common features in such official dealings and how this commoner would respond would show what he was really made of. He had been specially chosen and given the plans, but from there he would have to demonstrate his own fortitude; his drive in the face of ridicule and rejection. The freedom to act was not wasted. Unlike so many who had also entered into similar pacts of extraordinary origin, history records that he was the man for the hour.

But as with the initial selection, so it would be at the critical juncture. Success was not dependent upon our hero. As disaster unleashed itself upon the unsuspecting, the one who had set the whole deal up, stepped in. By an unseen hand, the fragile remnant kept their heads above water and eventually landed on solid ground.

The unthinkable had occurred. At its most desperate moment, life had been preserved.

In similar fashion, Christians celebrate salvation initially by God’s sovereign choice. From there we are commanded to participate: free to stay in the boat or walk on water; free to put our hand to the plow or turn back. But ultimately, victory is of the Lord. He alone is our Savior and Life.

As we continued in our Wineskins  family-study, what covenant do you think we were reviewing? How is this 3 part pattern evident in your life?


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