Going Where No Math Has Gone Before

Not even the symbol for infinity can do justice in quantifying that which exists beyond limits. In tonight’s study we came across one of the shiny pearls that I discovered during the long process of researching the material for the book Wineskins.

As I read over the words, my wife snatched her bible and turned to the reference verse parenthetically noted as a backup for my observations. Her thrill was echoed by my daughter’s amazement as she connected the “counting” promises given to Abram with the origins of Jesus’ incarnation. For my part, I was delighted that they were able to share in my initial excitement at having discovered this treasure nestled under common beach sand.

Abram was told that he would become the Father of many nations, the patriarch of progeny more numerous than grains of sand and beyond accounting by the stars of heaven. Under New Covenant revelation, Scripture interprets this promised seed as principally Messianic—a prophesy about Jesus.

Far more than the promised child of Isaac, this preeminent Seed was to be the complete fulfillment. More than just the numbers of descendants, the origins of Jesus were being revealed as from the dust of the earth by Mary to the lights of Heaven through the Spirit. More than just a matter of vast quantity, the promise speaks of the incalculable Nature and un-quantum-fiable Majesty of the incarnated Son of man. He cannot be measured, contained, defined, or numbered. He is beyond math.

The promise to Abram was given in the flesh, but aimed at the Spirit. It blessed him with a son, and it glorified The Son. The covenant between God and the man renamed as Abraham is first and foremost a testimony of the greatness of God in the person of Jesus by revelation of the Spirit.

When have you experienced a treasured “Ah ha” moment? 

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1 Response to Going Where No Math Has Gone Before

  1. Tami Graham says:

    That was a great study – it feeds my soul when Jesus shows himself to me. It came to my mind from Jn 14:21 “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and SHOW MYSELF TO HIM.” Glory to God when he chooses to unveil his mystery.

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