The Intoxicating Elixir of Youth

Millions have been spent–millions have spent themselves–searching for the illusive: the elixir of life, the fountain of youth.

Philosophers, nations, adventurers and ladies-of-means have long sought a solution to aging and natural decay. Getting old stinks! Cancer is hateful. The common cold shouldn’t be so common. Asthma, diabetes, HIV, autism, paralysis: Is their any escape or remedy?

Who would have thought that all along the delicious quaff had been offered along the sandy banks of the desert oasis called Marah? In our weekly family study through Wineskins, we uncovered the barren remnants of a little remembered covenant (Ex 15). Perfect health, no diseases of any kind–if only people would act like Abel. At least that is the observation made in the book.

Following the original disastrous affair, the fountain may remain just out of reach by the flesh, but through Christ we can grasp the overflowing cup. As he revealed about himself at the bitter waters of Marah, “I am, the Lord who heals you”. Those who drink of him will never perish.

How might you live your life different if you had perfect health?  How might you live the same when you have perfect health?


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One Response to The Intoxicating Elixir of Youth

  1. Tami Graham says:

    Hello My Love,
    Ahh, YES, thank you for the reminder to keep the hope for my NEW body in Christ alone — what would perfect be like??–Someday… I look forward to seeing your heavenly body.
    Love, Your Wife, of the flesh

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