Consumed by Unchecked Fury

Unchecked fury consumes everything in its path.

To say the least, it is dangerous behavior to allow ourselves to be so overcome with passion that we potentially violate others. Divine revenge is promised against those who negatively impinge upon the life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of others–so echo’s the Bill of Rights for the United States.

The irony is that, under certain conditions, there are few other qualities recognized by God with such favorable terms. Within the context of right uses of the Temple, the apparent rights of the money-changers were pine needles before the raging fire of Jesus’ zeal. Within the context of honesty within the early church, the lives of several donors were discarded with calloused abandon when confronted by the fury of Peter. Within the context of faithfulness under the Old Covenant, the tribe of Levi demonstrated their commitment to what Moses represented by dispatching the lives of their relatives who participated in worshiping the golden calf. Within context, the Bible tells us that it is fine to be zealous, provided that the purpose is of God (Gal 4:18).

Sadly, many use the Bible in a vain attempt to justify their personal agendas. History is littered with abuses against humanity in the name of Christ. Such violations are guaranteed to incur the fury of the wrath of God at a time appointed yet ahead. Judgment is coming; no one escapes from the zeal of God. Those who get the context off, or who subordinate one command by inappropriately elevating another, seriously undermine what otherwise might be good intentions. In contrast, thank heaven for the reminders of explosive passion rightly directed for the honor of God’s Name.

Our ongoing family study through Wineskins, led us to one of the most dramatic examples of righteous fury. This one act brought an abrupt end to a horrific plague that was rapidly exterminating tens of thousands of people. Without direct approval, one insignificant member of the leading council grabbed a spear and ran through two individuals who were dishonoring God. As a result, the Lord commended the action by declaring that Phinehas sought the honor of God’s Name as much as does God himself. Wow.

All existence appeals for the honor of its Creator. There are no exceptions. The glory of God reigns as the supreme object and purpose for life. Whereas relationships occur for duplicity of purpose: sometime good, sometimes bad; the honor of God’s Name ranks uncontested as the greatest pursuit of all. There can be no greater pursuit, no matter what the cost or risk, than to passionately seek the holy glory of the One worthy of all worship: God’s one and only Son, Jesus Christ!

To him be all passionate glory, honor, and praise.

In what contexts have you unleashed unfettered honor for the Name of Jesus?


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