The Right of Power

It is reasonable for an artist to expect his canvas to communicate his intent.

It is expected that an architect finds pleasure in his design unfolding according to plan.

It’s no surprise that a coach expects his team to perform to the level of their training.

It ought to be assumed that a builder’s high-rise meets the needs of his client.

The cook orchestrates the ingredients of his craft to delight the palate.

The dentist plies his trade to enhance the smiles of his patients.

The CEO manipulates business resources to turn a profit.

The ball player thrills the fans with superhuman feats.

And when the result differs from operator intent, the product is further altered until it meets expectations or it is discarded for better alternatives. According to the documented evidence in our study of Wineskins, this fundamental law is a right of creative power.

So it is with God. The Creator of the universe has the right to expect his creatures perform to purpose. This is why every aspect of creation will be required to give an account of itself. The Master Potter gets to fashion his product as he wishes, and he has the right to expect it to fulfill the reason for which he designed it.

God made man in his image; He has the right to expect our participation in bringing glory to his Image: Jesus Christ the Lord.

How should this understanding affect our idea of personal rights?


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