Do Be Do Be Do

The juxtaposition of tandem opposites: Thought, action; Inside, outside; Concealed, disclosed; Doing, Being.

What we do and who we are are inseparable distinctions. Out of the heart, we are told, the mouth speaks; the heart and mouth have distinct functions, but they are inseparable realities within human existence.

A good tree always produces good fruit; and, in Christian terms what makes the tree considered good is not the value of the fruit. Fruit is just the outward display of internal integrity that finds its source from well entrenched roots in healthy soil: a.k.a. attached to the Vine.

As our family noted on page 70 in our weekly Wineskins study, “The reason…all are under sin is because without being righteous, no one can do what is righteous before God. Doing does not produce righteous being–it is being righteous that will always result in doing right.” This is a hopeless conundrum for imperfect humans who inherit original sin as part of their being. It is like getting shot in the foot before the race even starts. The declaration of Scripture is that we have to exude perfect righteousness from deep within in order to ever hope to express true righteousness externally.

Enter stage left: the New Covenant gospel.

There is only one name under heaven inherently possessive of perfect righteousness in his being: the Lord Jesus Christ. This is one of the reasons Scripture declares that there is simply no other possible way for humans to be saved other than through faithful submission to the Lordship of Jesus (Act 4:12).

By faith in that name and in the perfect doings of that holy Being, a righteousness from heaven is declared available to the otherwise hopeless. By faith, through a miracle of new birth, that perfect Being in-dwells and overwhelms the imperfection of being human. This transference of righteousness from within enables a Christian believer to begin doing the formerly impossible.

In him hope rises like early flowers in the frosty Spring, bursting their way forth through crusty soil towards the eye-squinting light of the risen Son. Hope for the hopeless. He is the only way.

Rather than nonsensical phrases sung for discarded pennies, a Christian celebrates the Do Be Do in ever maturing cycles. He is so we can. We do to honor his Being. He gifts and rewards so we can rightly image. We express that image in declaration of his righteousness. Do Be Do Be Do.

The lingo may be right, but the lyrics need some work.

How has the indwelling of Jesus through the Spirit transformed your being from its former doings?


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