Holy Amnesia…It Is Worth Remembering

Forget what you were told to remember. Where is the sanity in such instruction? The call is for holy amnesia.

Our Wineskins study is now considering the direct biblical evidence for whether or not Christians are under the Old Covenant, the New Covenant, or an amalgamation of both. One passage upon which our family spent some time pondering the implications aimed at the heart of the Mosaic system.

The prophet Jeremiah records the prophetic words of God that in a time to come, no one will consider the Ark of the Covenant as something worthy of discussion. In fact, it is the Lord’s design that no one will even be able to remember anything about it (Jer 3:16-17). Holy amnesia.

This is most extraordinary in light of what that Art represented. Prior to Solomon’s Temple even being formed, God gave Moses detailed instructions for this very sacred box. Biblical history notes the fantastic power emanating from this gilt container. It represented the earthly seat of mercy, the throne of God, and the locational focus of the shining glory of the Most High God. Throughout Israel’s tenure the Ark was the central object for all Old Covenant activity. It led the way in the desert, through parting the seas, in military successes, in beseeching of God, and through its primary resting place within the Most Holy Place, it drew the attention of all Israel as the holiest object within the entire system of worship.

What is more, the contents of the Ark elevated the significance of several items to the place of greatest value, one of which was the divinely scribed tablets of the Ten Commandments. To forget the Ark would be to discard what it represented and what it contained. But why?

Because the focus was foretold to change. God with us was prophesied to shift from a box to a Being, from an in-dwelt manifestation to an incarnated God/Man, and in so doing, everything about that former system would be so altered as to render further meditation or adherence as superfluous. Additionally, those who attempt to cherish both the representation and the reality, will find their focus cross-eyed. Holy amnesia.

What is necessary to remember is Jesus, born of the Holy Spirit in miraculous union with the virgin human Mary; sinless, perfectly righteous, the complete image and being of God, the Son of Man. He lived the life of man, he suffered the penalty of man; he died the death of man according to the Scriptures, he was raised again to life by the power of God exactly as prophesied in holy Scripture. He offers forgiveness, reconciliation, and eternal life to sinners who shift their focus from shadows to his immaculate person. Forgetting the past and straining for what is yet ahead.

“These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ” (Col 2:17).

Holy amnesia…it is worth remembering.

How does focusing on Jesus render both your past wickedness and worship as discarded rubbish?


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