Spiritual Polygamy: Choosing between Two Beauties

We can’t have both.

You don’t have to go there. You have the freedom to go it alone. However, to do so is a lonely affair and so most choose to partner up. It doesn’t matter whether or not a person views the commitment as a golden band or an iron chain, once agreed, there is no backing out. Divine law demands continuation or face wrath from above. Only death can rightly separate the union.

For Christians, that death has universal, spiritual application.

Relationship with God through faith in Jesus is a spiritual reality that requires that all former spiritual commitments end. For former pagans that means renouncing worship of idolatrous gods. For repentant materialists that requires dismissal of devotion towards worldly goods. For original Old Covenant followers of Yahweh that entails being released from the relational agreement established by the Mosaic Law.

Our Wineskins book study led us through a subchapter review of Romans 7. Being “dead to what formerly bound us” is the very subject the Apostle Paul confronts believers with in the opening verses. There is no provision given for re-application of the Law, no allowance for expanding the understanding of that Law, no place for considering the heart of that Law–real Christians are dead to that Law.

“So…that you may belong to another”.

We live by the Spirit and not by the written code. Nowhere in context does this law show itself to be limited to rituals or just the sacrificial system. Instead verse 3 references the 7th commandment and verse 7 cites the 10th commandment. The Ten Commandments operated as the basis for the Old Covenant relational agreement between God and the post-Egypt nation of Israel.

“You also died to the law through the body of Christ”.

In order to become part of the spiritual Bride of Christ, all professing believers must die to all previous spiritual commitments. Jesus is unwilling to share his Bride. Upon the Cross the Son of God died, not only to pay the penalty of death hanging over us, but also to end God’s covenantal relationship with the nation of Israel. His love remains sure and faithful for Israel, but his former agreement has been cancelled by his death, so that a New Covenant relationship could be instituted; one that all mankind could now enter into, both gentile and Jew by faith.

Those who attempt to uphold the Old Covenant system, the 10 commandments, the seventh day Sabbath, the Temple system of worship, according to Rom 7:3-4, are called adulterers, and no adulterer can enter the Kingdom of God! Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between Covenant and Testament in terms of Holy Scripture.

This is not a trivial matter; it directly impacts the validity of one’s claim of faith in Christ and of salvation. The best I can do here is to tempt your heart with the Word of God. If you want a more in-depth study on the eternal ramifications of this biblical revelation, I suggest you prayerfully consider the scriptural references offered in Wineskins.

How can you die to the Law and love it at the same time?

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