Just Kick a Hole in the Wall

Is it not possible, when we come to a Y in the road, that the best route just may be off-trail?


Not all choices set before us are between good and evil, black and white. The options presented before us at any given moment, may well be two polar extremes, for which the best choice could involve steering clear of both and setting a new course.

To put it in more dramatic prose, when confronted with the lackluster appeal of Door 1 or Door 2, it may be preferable to just kick a hole in the wall and leave the building.

This was our chapter review of Law or Love in our ongoing study of the New Covenant through the book Wineskins. This is not to imply that there is anything biblically wrong with either law or the trait of love, but as often occurs when human nature infects the purity of truth, both can become misleading extremes in terms of the gospel of Jesus.

Historically, Church doctrine and zealous preachers have taken the usefulness of the Old Covenant law and elevated its importance above faith, mercy, and even the Holy Spirit. In the other extreme, it is common today to hear libertarians decry the employ of terms like hell, sin, and judgement as contrary to the humanistic ideal of social love.

The New Covenant of grace is not some legalistic system of do’s and don’ts as formerly evidenced with the ancient nation of Israel, but it does have a legalistic basis of commands voiced by Jesus and his Apostles. As such, we ought to guard against legalism, while at the same time retaining submissiveness to what Scripture calls the Law of Christ.

The New Covenant of grace is not a free-for-all frat party, but it most definitely elevates the expressions of mercy, forgiveness, and sacrificial love. As such, we ought to embrace how our Lord expressed love towards his friends, family, detractors, enemies, and onlookers, while at the same time resisting the tendency to slip into the licentiousness of cultural preferences and godless human desire.

Law or Love.

Sometimes, it is necessary to just kick a hole in the wall and exit into fresh air.

When charting new territory, how can you ensure dependence upon the lead of the Holy Spirit and avoid the natural tendency to trust your own compass?


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