Groping in the Dark

You say you believe in God. Can you prove it?


For some, what they claim of faith in God amounts to the same idea as blind-faith: a claim of belief, but without sufficient supporting evidence. In reality, they are groping in the dark.

Evil spirits, on the other hand, have a solid belief in God. They not only know for a fact that he exists, but that knowledge causes them to tremble at the very idea. They are not so deceived as to claim faith in God without clear assurances. Of course, that assurance has not translated into submissive allegiance (a.k.a. worship), but their claims regarding God carry far more weight of truth than those who profess faith while lacking foundational proof.

So can you prove that God exists, that he is in full control of an unfolding master plan of life on this planet, that his revealed Son is the very embodiment of Almighty God?

This is not to ask whether or not anyone can define the extent of divine reality. God declares himself to be eternal and beyond the boundaries of full knowledge by finite creations, but he requires that those who follow must consider the evidence he provides as confirmation of his reality, his intervention, and his interest in the details of life on this orbiting speck.

So again, what evidence might you point to as sufficient confirmation of your professed faith in God? This was the mountain trail my family explored as we ventured further into the Wineskins book under the park-entrance-sign of New Covenant Faith.

The book details more information on this subject, but the area towards which I pointed my family highlighted three cornerstones of faith upon which our individual experiences and beliefs ought to find solid ground. An informed faith is one that rests secure upon the unshakable evidences provided by God in the following areas.

The first is the biblical record itself. What Scripture declares, how history, science, and fulfilled prophecies have corroborated the documented statements, and how adherence to Jesus’ commands confirm our beliefs, all point to the irrefutable proof that God is God. That is, that Scripture proves that God is who he says he is and that our faith is an informed faith, not some anemic blind faith of wishful thinking.

As such, the living Word is the bedrock of faith in God.

The second is the preponderant backdrop of creation itself. In spite of skeptical explanations of alternative theories, there is simply no viable option for explaining the existence of, the diversity of, or the symbiotic nature of the material world. In regards to this proof, God blatantly announces that men are without excuse because everything that he intends for man to be capable of recognizing about God has been displayed through the evidence of creation.

As such, creation exists as one of the foundations of genuine faith.

The third, and often the most exciting foundational proof revolves around divine intervention: God stepping into human recognition in time, in space, and in need. This occurs through answered prayer, dramatic healings, relational familiarity, miraculous alterations in natural circumstances, supernatural displays, and internal sensations (like peacefulness) in the face of desperate moments. This is often where God gets personal–where he comes along side an individual in their moment of struggle and carries them to safety.

As such, divine intervention confirms to the one experiencing his dramatic grace as solid footing for their enduring faith.

Rather than blindly groping in the darkness of self-deception or hoping for the best without knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that he has and will triumph in our favor, an informed faith firmly anchors a Christian to the Rock through the evidential proof-stones noted above.

If you don’t yet stand on firm ground with your claim of faith, ask God to give you the ability to recognize some of his revelation. Seek to confirm the reality of your desire of being filled with the transforming presence of the Holy Spirit.

Our faith is intended to be the evidence of what we don’t yet fully see and it is given with the sprinkling of unshakable proofs over a lifetime of endurance. Step into the light and reach for the evidence of his outstretched, holy hand.

What proofs do you point to as confirmation of your faith?

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