Over The Top: Giving it all

According to Scripture, God is no longer interested in 10 percentrainbow

He wants it all!

In times past, God was content with a demonstration of faith and worship through a “tithe” of a tenth of one’s income, but not any more. Our Wineskins study detailed the shift-in-gift. New Covenant giving is modeled upon both the examples of Abraham and of Christ.

The concept of tithing was first introduced in Scripture through the free will offering of Abraham after returning victoriously from the defeat of the invading Kings. Long before the Old Covenant command to tithe, he gave to Melchizedek a tenth of the spoils. And in Christ-like fashion, he then gave away the entire remaining amount: 100% giving.

Our Lord set the example for Christians by giving up his life for our benefit upon the Cross. Once again, 100% giving.

In like manner, we who profess faith in Jesus are called to follow that pattern: 100% giving.

From money to time, in plenty and in want, in material resources and personal desires,  as living sacrifices willing to also give up life itself, Christians recognize the pattern of the Cross: we give it all.

100% giving!

How does your life reflect this extreme in giving?


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2 Responses to Over The Top: Giving it all

  1. Marina Graham says:

    Do you have some examples of how you give your 100%?

  2. grahamAlive says:

    Are you suggesting that I have to follow my own advice? Perhaps I can cop-out under the principle of not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing.
    Ok, Ok. I’ll give you a view into my morning as an example of how I wrestle with living this out. It is “March Madness” month and I could be indulging in endless hours of college b-ball, but instead I chose a different schedule for my day off (it’s Saturday today). After my private devotional time, I hooked up with several guys to study the Word of God. In additional to some ministry-moments that developed out of that interaction, we then went to breakfast. I gave a gospel tract to the cashier as a way of introducing the subject of Christ with the intent to continue talking with her on our next encounter.
    I devoted 45 minutes to family bible study time. I blogged the above Christian topic that you responded to. The pounding noise you heard earlier came as a result of my contribution to helping my wife around the house. I solved a computer problem for another person and engaged in play time with a third. When you asked why several of our light bulbs in the kitchen are left burned out, you may recall that my response was that although we could afford to replace them, it was a way of reminding ourselves to live below our means and use the financial resources for more other-focused pursuits.
    Much of this may appear mundane, but trying to be a living sacrifice for the benefit of others in the name of Christ entails a great deal of the daily grind. For me, 100% is about living in constant devotion towards Kingdom work. There are other financial, physical, emotional, and time sacrifices coming up in the next 24, but this ought to paint a picture of what attempting to give it all looks like for me.
    Thanks for the question.

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