Extraordinary Human Trafficking

The divine agreement God has made with Christians is unprecedented. All former covenants are pale shadows of the brilliance offered in the New Covenant.


Fruit from a restricted tree, a mark on a forehead, a rite of passage onboard an ark, all were shadows. Cuts of skin, parting of animals, sprinkling of blood, all foreshadowed a greater reality. Stone-carved laws, ritualistic patterns, racial descent, all were destined to be replaced.

Nothing could compare to the magnitude of glory prophesied for the holy agreement extended to Christians. It would not feature a material display. It would not demand a behavioral accomplishment. It would not depend upon anything known to our physical world.

According to the prophecies reviewed in our Wineskins study, the New Covenant is entirely unique from all former religious experiences.

Speaking of the I AM, the King of Kings, the Lord and only Savior, the Holy One and Creator of all, God declares I will “make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the Gentiles.” The New Covenant is Jesus!

He is more than just a mediator, he is our agreement. The New Covenant is God in flesh; more than a legal definition of expectations, it is a Person.

This is the very reason Jesus declares that his words are Spirit and they are life, because the New Covenant is more than just fulfilled in him, it is Him!

It is in this context of a Living covenant that God requires of Christians: “forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing.”

Christians who accept who Jesus declares himself to be, and who endure in that faith, retain legal and contractual rights to God in Christ. We were purchased at the price of Jesus’ divine death on the Cross. This is not some twisted form of human trafficking, it is the very essence of the extraordinary nature of the New Covenant.

What God offers to us is his Son.

How well do you understand the New Covenant?

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1 Response to Extraordinary Human Trafficking

  1. Marina Graham says:

    From what I understand **cough** the New Covenant is exactly that, not an extension of the Old. When Christ died on the cross he broke the “marriage” he had with the Israelites, we Christians are the new Israelites! Right?

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