Kiss And Make Up

Kiss God or be destroyed.

Wow. That seems surprising to find such a command in Scripture. What was the psalmist thinking when he wrote about kissing the Son of God?

As my kids and wife joined me in reading from the opening chapter of Claiming Christ, as our periodic family devotional, we began looking at what the bible conveys about the curious and oft repeated phrase of being “in him”.  The idea of God-followers (and in our day Christians) abiding in the Eternal Son of God reveals some amazing instructions on how God defines genuine believers.

Several paragraphs into our devotional, we came across the admonition to

“Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way…blessed are all who take refuge in him” (Psa 2:12).

I then restated the kissing-line and asked if blowing kisses at heaven was good enough? God is everywhere, so perhaps just closing my eyes and making smooching noises might fit the bill. My kids laughed at the sound of it.

Just imagine trying to kiss God while others are watching.

In regards to being “in him”, several points had already been made. In particular we noted that the idea involves trusting in Jesus for what he has already done for us. As the storms of life buffet our little rafts-of-existence, God invites believers to “take refuge in him”. The context, however, assumes that safety-minded followers also demonstrate their devotion.

In other words, claiming trust in Jesus, but without also exercising our passion in relationship with our Lord, tends to send conflicting signals of apparent faith. Matching our actions with our heart will unveil our own depth of gratitude for the One who so willingly offers himself as our refuge.

We took turns offering suggestions for how we either have or could “kiss the Son”. I submitted my own offering that writing Claiming Christ was not about making money or gaining fame; it was my effort to honor Jesus.

We finished our devotional time probably 30 to 40 minutes ago, and yet, without any direction by me, my kids and wife continue to explore their own devotional time with God. Now I could kiss God for that!

How about you? What have you done our could you do, as a Christian intent on being “in him”, to kiss the Son?


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One Response to Kiss And Make Up

  1. Marina Graham says:

    I think you are doing a fabulous job on you blog. I am glad you are continuing on in your family bible time.

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