She Did What She Could

It seems like such an offhanded compliment, file0002012084757and yet I find great encouragement in Jesus’ support of the woman who anointed him with perfume.

She did what she could.”

I revisited the scene with my family in Claiming Christ as we continued our review of what the Bible has to say about Christians being “in him”.

So often in lay ministry, the numbers are not dramatic. The desired evidences of fruitful service in the name of Christ can seem far and few between. In fact, the mundane, the struggles of daily life, and even the empty sounds of echo’s through mostly vacant halls, can leave one feeling like an outsider—like one not invited to the party.

Mary had witnessed Jesus raise her brother Lazarus from the dead, but what could she do?

She had sat at his feet and marveled at his wisdom and love, but what could she offer?

The ministry of the disciples was dominated by 12 men, and she likely felt like one on the fringe of where all the real activity was happening.

She wasn’t even invited to the dinner party, but what did that matter? She was filled with gratitude and wanted to worship. But what could she do?

She did what she could”. And Jesus promised that from then on, wherever the gospel was preached, what she had done would be told.

As a writer, teacher, and active Christian, I find great encouragement in Mary. I too am filled with gratitude and desire to publically express my worship in honor of my Lord; but, what can I do?

I constantly look for, and pray for, opportunities to share his name. I teach and encourage anyone who will listen. My customers and fellow workers are often exposed to the word of God. I have written books, contributed regularly to blogs, and taught in churches. My family is my primary mission field from which I radiate out the truths of God, come what may. I serve the needy and visit prisoners. The poor eat at my table, and refuges have lived in my home. And still I wonder, what can I do?

I resist attention, turn from power, avoid titles or status. I dismiss numbers, ignore money, and prefer to not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. I have a masters degree in marketing, and yet do all the opposite things the world requires for success.

Instead, I long to serve Jesus; to declare his great name; to persuade others with the hope of grace by the power of the Spirit. And yet, sacrifice is a terrible method of accounting.

That is when I am reminded of Mary. I believe those words were also meant to encourage me.

She did what she could”.

What can you do to publically honor Jesus?

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1 Response to She Did What She Could

  1. Tami Graham says:

    I don’t really know… I believe I submit to the efforts of the Holy Spirit to change and direct me.. but I hope Jesus will be able to say to me also – She did what she could.

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