The Plight of Seaweed

At peak ebb stage (when the water retreats toward the ocean), the tide in Hammersley Inlet in the southern part of Puget Sound, jets the saltwater, seaweed, and floating debris through the narrow channel at over 4 knots. This past weekend, my daughter and I rode our kayak rockets through the swirling water as part of our first kayak camping trip together.

Upon our safe return, we gathered the family together and took turns reading and discussing Claiming Christ. One passage in particular reminded me of our adventure.

“Yet now he has reconciled you…but you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don’t drift away.”

Because the low tide was especially low (-3.8), there were exposed sand bars that appeared in parts of the channel. I was struck by how stripped bare they were: no rocks, no creatures, no nothing; just unstable sand that was about to be engulfed in strong currents in the opposite direction.

Very little is immune to such strong currents. But there is one part of creation that seems to thrive no matter what the water is doing: seaweed. At low tide, huge beds of broad-leaf seaweed (in this case, the color of peanut butter), lay quietly together, unmoved by the whole ordeal. Their roots were anchored firmly to the rock.

13 5 Kayak Camp Hope Isl (20)

This seaweed didn’t grow in sand, where the foundation was so shifty. And, undoubtedly, any of its compatriots that didn’t stay as firmly grounded, had long since vanished in the jet stream currents.

There are a lot of sea creatures that are impacted every day by the constantly shifting tides, just like we are in the flowing currents of human nature, culture and desire. We have been created with the freedom to choose where we want to drop anchor.

Even as reconciled believers in Jesus, the above passage of Scripture admonishes that we stand firmly in our belief so that we won’t drift away. The currents of this world are in constant motion around us. We may be swayed under their impact, but if our commitment to the foundation remains solid, we will never come unhinged.

But consider that this advice is real, because the possibility of coming disconnected from the solid rock of our faith is also real. Free will remains just as free flowing. As a result, we are called to endure, to stand firm, to build upon unmovable rock, to die to the temptation to explore other beaches, and stay faithful to our design and calling, even if that means staying firmly anchored with the rest of the peanut butter kelp.

When the tides of life shift directions, what kinds of things do you do to check your eternal moorings?


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