Prison Ministry: A chance for you to go behind the bars

For the past several years, I have had the opportunity to serve guys who are locked up in county jail.

Typically, I go every Sunday afternoon to spend several hours sharing God’s word and the hope of a different life with those dressed in grey and pink prison garb who are interested in attending church services while they do their time.

As I rotate through several cell blocks each week, I get to minister to anywhere from 2 to 20 inmates at a time. Each week I am struck by several observations:

  • Most are painfully aware of their sin and the burden of guilt that weighs them down.
  • Most are repeat offenders, if not simply by return visits to prison, then because they recognize that their current situation is reflective of a life-style of bad choices for which they probably should have been caught long before.
  • Most are struggling with questions about whether or not they can ever break the cycle of addiction to sin.
  • Most are unsure as to whether or not God will ever forgive them.
  • Most have picked up a mixture of beliefs that often are very contrary to what God says in the Bible.
  • They usually come to our meeting times very broken.

For a variety of reasons, there are very few of us who consistently visit those locked up in one of the largest cities in Washington State. As we rotate around, the prisoners only see us once a month, if that. It is a very dark and lonely time for those in whom God is beginning to work.

As a result, I have been working on a small book that I hope to publish and give to the guys. It is intended to address the powerful truth about true biblical repentance. If I am eventually allowed to hand it out, my prayer is that it can minister the key message of truth and hope for those struggling with patterns of abuse.

I believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, anyone can break the cycle of addiction and sin. But such real transformation does not come by platitudes and human psychology. It comes from choosing to apply God’s words in surrender to the Spirit. But those words are not always easy to receive, let alone to apply. There is something about dying to self that kills us to even talk about.


I am asking for your help. I have posted the booklet online, in hopes that you might be interested in critiquing it. If you are a subscriber to this blog, you can send me your interest by email and I will pass the free link on to you. You can then email your comments, suggestions, and improvements as your way of going behind the bars as part of this ministry.

At this point, the small book is entitled “Overcoming the Judas Complex: Freedom through biblical Repentance”.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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2 Responses to Prison Ministry: A chance for you to go behind the bars

  1. Marina says:

    What’s the link?

    • grahamAlive says:

      Out of respect for those who subscribe to this blog, but may not want to review this book, I will send the link to those who email me (or I suppose it would be just as easy if they want to make a comment here, like you have, that includes their email–but that option makes their email viewable to everyone). So, I’ll email you the link in a separate message. Thanks for your interest!

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