Immortal Jelly

Creation exists, in part, to make us reflect on God: that includes contemplating jellyfish.

I came across an article on a curious scientific discovery (

Apparently several types of jellyfish can grow, age, and mature, then when in danger of meeting their end, they can actually shift their cell’s in reverse and age-backwards.

Makes me think about Christians and the necessity to be born again. “Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom”. When we choose to submit our lives in faith to the Lord, and we recognize the terminal threat of the penalty of death for sin, do we spiritually and fundamentally age-backwards to start again as a new creation? Can jellyfish help us think about eternal life and the need to approach life again as a babe in Christ?

As the article concludes, Jellies are not really immortal, they can and do die, but what a phenomena to become born again.

You are amazing Lord!.


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