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Setting Your Anchor on the Gospel (3 of 3)

The boy and his best friend could track everything, but one wily coon always seemed to stay one trick ahead. An old-timer suggested he try the Shiny Trick. Along a known racoon trail, the boy drilled a hole in a … Continue reading

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So You Want To Be A Minister

In reflection of the legacy of Billy Graham, the well-known traveling preacher who passed away this week at the age of 99, the subject is raised of how one becomes a minister of the Lord. How is the next generation … Continue reading

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Unity, Unity, Where There Is No Unity

It sounds so Godly, so ecumenical. Unity – Let’s just get along. The call for unity, in its seminary form, has become the plague of the modern Christian church. The Spirit has forewarned that many wolves and false teachers will … Continue reading

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Christian Hypocrisy

Perhaps the most common criticism of Christians, by those vaguely familiar with biblical ideals, involves accusations of hypocrisy. But did you know that God says the same thing about many of those who claim to follow him? Our family devotional … Continue reading

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Genetically Altered Seed

The first time I heard about the status of corn in our country, I was shocked. That sweet treat that tends to get caught in my teeth when I eat it is not exactly what it used to be. Apparently, … Continue reading

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