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God Loves Everyone–or does he?

You hear it everywhere. “God loves everyone”. “No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, God loves you.” But is that biblical? This is the point at which most people turn away from such a suggestion. In modern … Continue reading

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Sanitary Grace

In a culture rampant with spreading diseases like Ebola or AIDS, it comes as no surprise when well meaning people attempt to apply their newly acquired training to sanitize their world. Germs get on everything. They can spread unseen and … Continue reading

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Animal Violence: A proposal on carnivores

It takes a calloused conscience, or perhaps a cast iron constitution toward reality, to watch the effects of a lion successfully chasing down its prey. In the course of nature, why do some animals eat meat? As a Christian, I … Continue reading

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Struck Dead

How could a loving God do such a thing? Is the great Creator of all life as petty as the Greek god’s of mythology? That must have been a shocking regression of thought that spiked the fear-meter of the early … Continue reading

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Claims or Clams: the search for Pearls

“Impress them upon your children. Talk about them when you sit at home” so commands the Lord (Dt 6:7). And so it begins. Once again we embark upon a family study journey. I downloaded the ebook version of Claiming Christ … Continue reading

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Why Does New Covenant Scripture Sometimes Judge By Works?

The following has been adapted from a recent email exchange. Kevin, I have been concerned about Revelation 20:12. I’m puzzled why this scripture mentions that the dead would be judged according to their works–since we are saved by grace (Eph … Continue reading

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A Loving God Wouldn’t Do That

According to a minister I heard recently, salvational grace has no limits because God is unlimited. That may sound logical, but it is not a biblical reason. Presumably this idea comes from a rendering of the protestant emphasis of “faith … Continue reading

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