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Forgiven, Yet Still Under Judgment

Why are Christians under judgment? It seems absurd for Peter to inform believers that they are exposed to some divine review that demands obedience, if they have already been forgiven. Human courts don’t even allow offenders to be exposed to … Continue reading

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Christian Intolerance: Virtue or Vice?

When you just can’t stand it any more. Is it a virtue or a vice to be intolerant of others? We often hear the advice to “just be loving” or almost as often “don’t judge others, lest ye be judged”, … Continue reading

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Why Does New Covenant Scripture Sometimes Judge By Works?

The following has been adapted from a recent email exchange. Kevin, I have been concerned about Revelation 20:12. I’m puzzled why this scripture mentions that the dead would be judged according to their works–since we are saved by grace (Eph … Continue reading

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