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God Loves Everyone–or does he?

You hear it everywhere. “God loves everyone”. “No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, God loves you.” But is that biblical? This is the point at which most people turn away from such a suggestion. In modern … Continue reading

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Cold Love in the Face of Global Warming

All the reports over the past week are thousands of miles away. A Christian missionary is kidnapped in Nigeria by those angry with what she represents. Christians in Libya are attacked and decapitated for world-wide viewing. Dozens of Christians are … Continue reading

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Motive- Why Did You Do It?

By nature, everyone is motivated by one of two things. No one is exempt or beyond influence. All humans have been pre-wired to desire and act according to two motives. They are like launching points from which all choices proceed. … Continue reading

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Struck Dead

How could a loving God do such a thing? Is the great Creator of all life as petty as the Greek god’s of mythology? That must have been a shocking regression of thought that spiked the fear-meter of the early … Continue reading

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Just Kick a Hole in the Wall

Is it not possible, when we come to a Y in the road, that the best route just may be off-trail? (photographer) Not all choices set before us are between good and evil, black and white. The options presented before … Continue reading

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