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Jesus Broke The Law – or did he?

It is one of those disturbing questions that haunt the theology and teaching of many Christians. Did Jesus perfectly keep the Mosaic Law? It seems unthinkable to even ask such a question, since it is rightly believed that he always … Continue reading

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To Be Righteous

Only those believers in Jesus who are maturing in their Christian faith are capable of understanding righteousness. What it means to be righteous, let alone to understand the concept itself, remains hidden from all others, even from many church members. … Continue reading

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Breeding Success in America

There is only one measurement of recognized success in a capitalist, Western, American society: big numbers that translate to more money. Our culture doesn’t believe in any other measurement of success. Acceptable growth in an organization is measured in revenue … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking Ain’t Believ’n

All you gotta do is Believe! This week I heard a pastor give the encouragement to church attendees that as long as you just believe that you have assurance, then you will be saved. Later that day, while engaging with … Continue reading

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The Arsenic Buffet

This week’s billboard sign from a local church read, “It’s all about relationships”. A news photo showed another church welcome sign with its pithy little saying: “Believe the Bible, just not literally”. Our culture has rapidly become a towering babel … Continue reading

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