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Forgiven, Yet Still Under Judgment

Why are Christians under judgment? It seems absurd for Peter to inform believers that they are exposed to some divine review that demands obedience, if they have already been forgiven. Human courts don’t even allow offenders to be exposed to … Continue reading

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Jesus Looks At The Way We Obey

It seems unthinkable that the Lord would reject Christians who claim faith in him and who do what he says to do, like sharing the great commission. Why would he do that? It is so unthinkable, that most churches teach … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking Ain’t Believ’n

All you gotta do is Believe! This week I heard a pastor give the encouragement to church attendees that as long as you just believe that you have assurance, then you will be saved. Later that day, while engaging with … Continue reading

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Truth Be Told: The Hinge Point of Revelation. 3

One of the ironies of human language is that the word truth cannot be truly defined or found in any dictionary. God won’t allow it. This is not simply because the One who is Truth cannot be fully fathomed, though … Continue reading

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