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Truth Transcends

Truth cannot be reasoned. [A previous series on this blog presented the concept of Truth, but this article will consider the philosophical problem.] Philosophy is only as good as the validity of thought. Incorrect thinking leads to poor observations. To … Continue reading

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Deceived by the Scientific Method

One of the greatest treasures of life is found in the thrill of discovery. Regardless as to what one believes of the origins of life, everyone recognizes that humans live in an amazing petri dish. At the macro level, we … Continue reading

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False Positive: The Inability to Prove Anything

Science cannot┬ádefinitively┬áprove anything; Neither can Christianity. Can this be true? If this is accurate–that humans cannot confirm the truth or reality of anything–then upon what basis can we claim knowledge? For example: Accepting that nothing can travel faster than the … Continue reading

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