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Refined By Fire

Uncontrolled heat consumes everything in its flame. That is the fate of all material in this universe. However, when controlled, fire can purify certain elements. It can separate incompatible materials and allow what is of great value to be set … Continue reading

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Why? I just need to know why!

From age to age, the most asked question by every person from every culture throughout history has been, “why?”. Philosophers, scientists, politicians, parents, news-watchers and star-gazers, and all those who struggle at times, want to know why. Why did this … Continue reading

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It is God’s Will – or is it?

The baby dies way before its time, and the well-meaning friend comes forward with drawn face and resolutely pronounces, “Well, apparently it was God’s will.” It seems that many have come to the belief that if something occurs, whether good … Continue reading

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Promises We Would Rather Do Without

It is not the destination that concerns most; it is the cost required in getting there. There is something inherently disturbing to be told that the ride is guaranteed to be painful. What is worse is that we are expected … Continue reading

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