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Mere Infants – Passionate Christians who are Worldly

Mirrors are not always kind, especially if we are Snow White or we are getting older. Still, we find them very useful in being able to see things about ourselves that otherwise are hard to recognize. The letters Paul wrote … Continue reading

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The Trick to Sustaining Unity

There are few desires greater to any group than getting along. There is not much point in gathering with others who are constantly back-stabbing, ridiculing each other, or experiencing in-fighting. Nations, clubs, churches, and families all need to find ways … Continue reading

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Unity, Unity, Where There Is No Unity

It sounds so Godly, so ecumenical. Unity – Let’s just get along. The call for unity, in its seminary form, has become the plague of the modern Christian church. The Spirit has forewarned that many wolves and false teachers will … Continue reading

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Smashing the Yoke of Dangerous Friendships: A commentary on Church Unity

There are times when Christians must break off all connection with other Christians. This reality is so disturbing to even consider, that it is little wonder that many ignore what the Bible says and prefer to substitute their own ideas … Continue reading

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