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Some Things God Will Never Share

There are two aspects of independence that God reserves to himself—two expressions of his will that he refuses to allow separately in any other living being. They are the two extremes of interaction. These two, God will not share with … Continue reading

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Direction Of Pleasure – a commentary on worship and entertainment

It’s all about finding that sweet spot. Each of us is different, but we all look for those things, experiences, and relationships that please us. Life worth living can often be measured in terms of how we feel and how … Continue reading

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The Price for Fitting In

Seahawk fever flowed thick through the blood of Washingtonians over the past several months–for that matter, it infected millions ever since the celebrated Super Bowl win from last year. Like never before in our history, blue and green dominated the … Continue reading

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When The Last Shall Be First

Pick a day, any day. (photographer) That appears to be the mantra for Christian worship. When it comes to collective worship, such freedom is appropriate. However, when it comes to how Scripture defines the Sabbath command, such whims are anything … Continue reading

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