Christian author Kevin Graham provides this linked discussion Forum and a FB Page for those who desire to respectfully interact regarding the content of the books and posts he has written.

Check out the Post-It page for thought provoking Christian devotionals and short Bible studies.

Visit for descriptive details on the books and background of this author as well as a Statement of Faith.

Currently the books Wineskins, Discovering Repentance, and Claiming Christ are widely available for softback or eBook reading.

However far you have made it through each book: What have you discovered that elevates your Cover-tan-lg_thumb.jpgunderstanding of God or his Word?




[The expressions on this blog belong to the author and are not intended to represent any particular denomination or even his local church, but rather that which can be recognized from Scripture itself. In an attempt to present a conversational reading style, scriptural references may not always be specifically cited and may even be paraphrased from memory. This approach may also contribute on occasion to less-than-clear citations for ideas originating from others. In the unintended and unlikely event this happens, readers are encouraged to identify any mistakes or necessary changes to help ensure credit where due. This approach is not taken with any published books by this author, but is acknowledged here and explained by way of this disclosure.]

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